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Upcoming Events

Photo for "Emergence: a Mmmwhah! Ensemble " by David Silver

Winter 2020

  • Introducing... the first ArtDance. Come dance with live music / be part of community art-making. Feb 18, Nevei Kodesh in Boulder, 7:30-9:30 pm. See details below >>

  • Creativity Coming Alive - Mmmwhah! Ensemble performances/playshops: Witness & play with the Ensembles: Jan 26, March 29, May 24, 1:30-3:30 pm. See details below >>

  Vocal Playshops

6-8 pm | Boulder Circus Center, 4747 26th St. | $15 in advance | $20 at the door  Or buy a pass to 6 vocal playshops for $90 and get the 7th free!

Tune in for the launch of other wonderful, fun, life-enhancing offerings.

Stay tuned...

  • 2020 Vision Initiative is underway in the schools. with > 250 students.  Cool new eyes are emerging...

Introducing the first

Art Dance with Creativity Alive

in conjunction with 

Heart-Flow Conscious Dance

February 18, 7:30-9:30 pm

Nevei Kodesh, 1925 Glenwood, Boulder

Only $12 bucks! Additional tips for musician/art/dance team welcome.

Photo of Merlyn by David Silver at "Mmmwhah! to Flagstaff.".

Stretch out and move in new ways to new music.  Come dance with live, improvisational world music where the musicians are responding to you and "dancing" with you as they play with the beat, not just drive your dance with the beat. 

    Enjoy working on collaborative art projects that naturally integrate with the dance and the theme for each occasion.


Music will be led by Mmmwhahsome musician Bill McCrossen,

with Noah Rouse Wilson IV, Jahanara Mangus, Mark Miller, Brian Mullins, and James Marienthal on world instruments such as the ngoni, kora, guembri, dilruba, erhu, flutes, woodwinds, mbira, cajon, and more. 

Feb 18th Theme:  "Making love with music, movement, and art-making." After what for some is a Hallmark-dominated Valentine's Day, we plan to turn into the heart of what moves us at Creativity Alive. Our hearts are deeply enriched by the intertwining of music, movement, and art-making in community. We invite you to join us!

      For this ArtDance in particular, we are delighted to debut several custom-made ngoni instruments created by local artist Jahanara Mangus, whom we met through a Mmmwhah! neighborhood event in 2018.

    Our community art-making project "Love Notes" will be led by artists Khiri Lee and Jahanara. Design, create, dance with Love Notes to what and who all truly make your heart sing: whether that's music, dance, art, nature, spirit, friends, lovers...  Feel free to bring art or poetry that evokes that unbridled feeling of love in you to share on our art altar.

Event facilitated by dancer and founder of Creativity Alive, Merlyn Holmes. Email Merlyn with any questions >>

Conscious dance, contact improv, contemplative movement, and deep listening / witnessing / sketching / writing / reflection / and just being nourished are all welcome.  

Save your place and skip the lines: $12 via PayPal now >>

Limit of 50 attendees. Or pay at the door with cash or check to Creativity Alive. 

We hope to establish an ongoing monthly Art Dance series on 4th Tuesdays. Sign on to receive direct invites to future Art Dances >>

Multi-instrumentalist Bill McCrossen will lead the music..

Several of the ngonis have been made by local artist Jahanara Mangus, whom we met through a Mmmwhah! neighborhood event 

Musicians for the Feb 18th Art Dance in rehearsal

Also:  Check out the regular

Heart-Flow Conscious Dance

with DJ James Marienthal

Jan 28 & March 3, 7:30-9:30 pm at Nevei Kodesh.


Cost: $12, pay at the door, cash or check only.

more info on Facebook or jamesm@silverwave.com or 303-257-8924

Art created by Lisa Michot at a Mmmwhah! Gathering

Creativity Coming Alive

January 26 | Ceraso Gallery & Studio, 1294 Doric Dr., Lafayette

March 29 and May 24 | Healing Spirits Living Arts Studio, 3825 Iris # 310, Boulder

$20 at the door | $15 in advance via PayPal (Select drop box for friend or family and note which events you'd like to attend.)

Come mix it up with members of the Mmmwhah! Ensembles

  • Witness the Ensembles play with improvisational seeds of compositions in the first half.

  • Have a chance to play with the performers and fun improvisational structures in the second half. Or just sit back and enjoy.

  • Join us is as we work/play/stretch our creative edges in a loving, fun, inspiring community of like-minded creative spirits.

RSVPs requested even if paying at the door due to limited space. (PayPal payment can serve as RSVP)

Art created by Lisa Michot at a Mmmwhah! Gathering

Autumn 2019​ 

  1. Second Sunday Mmmwhah! Creativity Gatherings  | Oct 13 See details below.  | Note: Nov 10 will be a special event...  

  2. Monthly Circle Singing, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16... 6-8 pm | See details >>

  3. Music, Movement, and Writing with the Light, photography stroll, Oct 22 | See below

  4. Fall Poetry Jam | Oct 27  | See below

  5. CLEAT: Creative Living Embodied Arts Training >>

Stay tuned for the launch of other wonderful, fun, life-enhancing offerings.

Fall 2019

"Mmmwhah! Fall Poetry Jam"

Next up: Oct 27, 1-3 pm

Boulder Locations TBD. RSVPs required.

$20 at the door | $15 in advance via PayPal

(Please indicate on PayPal which events you'd like to attend.)


Calling all poets, lovers of poetry, musicians, artists, and movers! 

Let's share poetry, create poetry, encourage our poetry to breathe

into the music, art, and movement realms, and feast upon the

poetic sensibility together.

           Expect your creativity to be deeply nourished.


Bring a short poem or two, excerpts from longer poems, musical instruments, voices, and your beautiful, soulful, curious selves. Potluck finger foods / beverages welcome, but not required.

Art created by Lisa Michot at a Mmmwhah! Gathering

Photo of our first Poetry Jam by David Silver.

Mmmwhah! Gatherings

Second Sundays 


Next up:  Oct 13, 2-4 pm

Location: Ceraso Studio & Gallery, 294 Doric Dr., Lafayatte  Pls RSVP


Gather with our fellow artists, musicians, dancers, writers, photographers, and other creative spirits to inspire and nourish the muses in all of us.  Join in the free movement, art-making, and live, improvisational music, or just listen / observe / take it all in as nourishment under a gently guided structure. Musically, we will ask one musician to lead each piece, rather than everyone playing all the time in a big jam: Spaciousness over density. 


Our Mmmwhah! Gatherings are improvisation as a form of play that can actually alter our sense of well being and self image by learning how to be uninhibited around spontaneity. This gathering is all about play and letting go... everyone enters with a willingness to be silly and from there enter into the profound. You don't need any experience to benefit from this afternoon event. We're here to play. There's no wrong way to do that...

- $20 at the door / $15 in advance via PayPal

- Please register asap. Limit of 20.

- Doors close 15 min after our start time, so we can set our collective intention. 

Photo by Adam Griff

Mmmwhah!'s core practice is one of deep listening, being fully present in the moment, within an ensemble context. It is a relational practice. Our home ground is as Active Listener / Witness / Well-wisher, who is attuned to "What will serve?"


"What will serve the music? the movement? the art-making? Ultimately, what will serve the larger composition? and the whole room?"


Photo by Chris Brown 

Music, Movement, and Writing with the Light

a photography stroll through the Newlands Neighborhood


Oct 22, 4-5:30 pm

RSVPs required for starting location

and any changes due to weather

Join a trio of Mmmwhah! Ensemble members for the only Fall 2019 photography stroll with live music, movement, our cameras, and guidance from a contemplative perspective.  Bring your cameras, even just your cell phones, as well as your beautiful selves.

Facilitated by Mmmwhah! Ensemble members Merlyn Holmes, Bill McCrossen, and David Silver, three-time winner of Boulder County's Open Space photo contest.

- Free to residents of the Newlands Neighborhood

- Others welcome | $15 in advance via PayPal

- RSVPs required. 

Photo by David Silver. See more pics >>

Photos by Merlyn Holmes

Every Wednesday:  Art & Activism | 9:30am @ Silver Sage Cohousing, 1650 Yellow Pine, Boulder

Art and Activism go together like Coffee and Bagels.  Join us each and every week to tend the state of our nation and write postcards and make phone calls.  It's way more fun doing this together! Coffee and bagels, postcards and stamps provided. Facilitated by Sandra Bierman.

Tune in to an ever-expanding schedule...  Sign up for updates and invites below. >>


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