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Tune in:  Our programming keeps expanding and changing. Sign up to receive invitations, updates on additions, cancellations, rain dates, etc. 

Next up:

Upcoming Events

Summer is here!​ 

  1. Second Sunday Mmmwhah! Creativity Gatherings  | Sat June 29 - special free event | July 14 in Chautauqua | Next up: Special free event on Flagstaff Mountain Aug 11... | See details below.

  2. Monthly Circle Singing, Next up: Aug 26... 6-8 pm | See details >>

  3. Special free event: Music & Movement Improvisation Workshop with the Mmmwhah! Ensemble Monday, July 22, 5:30-7 pm. Free! but registration required due to limited space. | See below

  4. Monthly Poetry Jam | Special free event July 27... | Next up: August 25, Sept 22, Oct 27  | See below

Stay tuned for the launch of more events in the Boulder neighborhoods, at the libraries, and at Flagstaff's Amphitheater (yeah!) and other wonderful, fun, life-enhancing offerings.

Emergence_byDavidSilver_1050271 swirly s

Photo for "Emergence: a Mmmwhah! Ensemble " Experience, by David Silver

Mmmwhah ensemble pic bw2_low res.jpg

"Emergence: a Mmmwhah! Ensemble "

Summer 2019

Join us for


  • Creativity Gatherings (see below)

  • Poetry Jams (see below)

  • Circle Singing >>

  • plus...

Free Community Events - Mark your calendar!

RSVPs required due to limited space. Sign up for newsletter to be notified when registration opens >>

Saturday, June 15, 11am-12:30, Body Song Vocal Playshop with Roy Willey & Merlyn Holmes, George Reynolds Branch Library. Free but RSVP required due to limited space. Registration opens June 1 >>

Saturday, June 22, 10:30am-1pm - Mmmwhah! Ensemble mini performance & workshop, primarily for residents of Mapleton Mobile Home Park due to a "Bring Mmmwhah! to Your Neighborhood" grant. 

Saturday, June 29, 3-4:30, Mmmwhah! Creativity Gathering at Boulder Meadows branch library -- wanna come? Free but RSVP required due to limited space. 

Monday July 22, 5:30-7pm, Improvisational Music & Movement Workshop with members of the Mmmwhah! Ensemble Main library, Boulder Creek Room. Free but registration required due to limited space. Registration opens at 5:30pm Monday, Jul 8 >>

Saturday July 27, 7-9pm | Poetry Jam in Holiday Park, Boulder with poetry written by our library & city staff. To be followed by free movie-in-the-park: ET.

Next up:  Sunday August 11, Mmmwhah! to Flagstaff! at Flagstaff Mountain's Sunrise Amphitheater. Free but registration with OSMP required due to limited space.  Registration now open! >>

Next up:  Sunday August 11, Mmmwhah! to Flagstaff! at Flagstaff Mountain's Sunrise Amphitheater. Free but registration with OSMP required due to limited space.  Registration now open! >>

Time: 10:45 am -12:15 pm; please allow 15 minutes to walk from parking lot to amphitheater


Returning this summer, "Mmmwhah! to Flagstaff" is a Sunday morning service of Music, Movement, Mindfulness, and Art-making, in service to the beauty of nature that is hosted by Mmmwhah! (soon to become Creativity Alive).  Flagstaff's Sunrise Amphitheater has inspired residents and visitors to Boulder for nearly a century.  It's time to give back to this Muse!  


Please join us in a participatory, creative expression of gratitude to this area of tremendous beauty and inspiration with live music, movement, and art-making hosted by members of the Mmmwhah! Ensemble and special guests. We invite you to engage in deep listening and clearing the path for the creative to flow through you. To be inspired.  All ages welcome.


  • Music:  Improvisational music by members of the Mmmwhah! Ensemble Bill McCrossen, Brian Mullins, Dexter Payne, and James Hoskins on instruments such as the Ngoni, Tibetan gong, clarinet, cello, cajon, flutes, bird whistles, and more.


  • Movement:  From the souls of your feet, through your heart, out into the world.  Feel free to bring scarves or flowing fabrics to play with the breezes and to create air sculptures. 


  • Art-making:

    • Painting: Plein Air Landscape with artists such as Chuck Ceraso and Catherine Carilli. Bring your sketch pads, easels, and art supplies.*  


    • Sculptures from Nature: Balancing rocks, entwined branches -- you name it. Bring flowers and nature's gifts from your back yard or private spaces to sculpt with, as we will leave the elements of nature in the area untouched.


    • Photography/Video as part of a meditative practice, along with David Silver, three-time "best of show" recipient of the Boulder County "Land through the Lens" Photography Show. Everyone, please sign this "Photography Understanding" form, both to be photographed and to photograph, to ensure respect for all in the process.


  • Meditating / Deep Listening and Observing:  taking it all in as nourishment. 


Consider bringing water, sunscreen, hats / umbrellas for shade, etc.


Art beyond the event:  We'll create a web gallery with the art and photography created during this occasion, and will coordinate submitting entries to the OSMP's bi-annual art show. Upload your photos and videos to Please put your name in each image title, so we can give you proper credit.


*Note:  This will be a "Leave no trace" event. We wish to imbue our kisses and gratitude on Flagstaff Mountain, without the lipstick stains.  So please: Come prepared to take home with you any art supplies you bring in, right down to the last drop:  items from nature, water for paint brushes, etc. 


Free but registration with OSMP required due to limited space. To receive direct invites to future Mmmwhah! / Creativity Alive events, sign on to Mmmwhah's newsletter >>

"Mmmwhah! Poetry Jams"

Next up: August 25, Sept 22, Oct 27, 1-3 pm

Boulder Locations TBD. RSVPs required.

Sliding Scale:  $20-$10 via PayPal

(Please indicate on PayPal which dates you'd like to attend.)


Calling all poets, lovers of poetry, musicians, artists, and movers! 

Let's share poetry, create poetry, encourage our poetry to breathe

into the music, art, and movement realms, and feast upon the

poetic sensibility together.

           Expect your creativity to be deeply nourished.


Bring a short poem or two, excerpts from longer poems, musical instruments, voices, and your beautiful, soulful, curious selves. Potluck finger foods / beverages welcome, but not required.

August 25:  We will likely focus on voice and movement, although music is always welcome, of course.

Special (free) event:  July 27, 7:30 pm  Poetry Jam starting with poetry by City library staff then perhaps including poetry by you? Facilitated by Mmmwhah! founder Merlyn Holmes and multi-instrumentalist Bill McCrossen. Part of Holiday Party in the Park and NoBo Library's "Summer of Discovery."   To be followed by "E.T." free movie-in-the-park.


The first two Poetry Jams in March & April 2019 were sponsored in part by the City of Boulder.  Thank you, Neighborhood Services!


Art created by Lisa Michot at a Mmmwhah! Gathering


Photo of our first Poetry Jam by David Silver.

Mmmwhah! Gatherings

Second Sundays 


Next up:  July 14, 10 am - Noon

Location: Chautauqua Park (tentative) Pls RSVP


Gather with our fellow artists, musicians, dancers, writers, photographers, and other creative spirits to inspire and nourish the muses in all of us.  Join in the free movement, art-making, and live, improvisational music, or just listen / observe / take it all in as nourishment under a gently guided structure. Musically, we will ask one musician to lead each piece, rather than everyone playing all the time in a big jam: Spaciousness over density. 


Our Mmmwhah! Gatherings are improvisation as a form of play that can actually alter our sense of well being and self image by learning how to be uninhibited around spontaneity. This gathering is all about play and letting go... everyone enters with a willingness to be silly and from there enter into the profound. You don't need any experience to benefit from this afternoon event. We're here to play. There's no wrong way to do that...

- Sliding Scale: $20-$10 PayPal, cash, or check. 

- Please register asap. Limit of 20.

- Doors close 15 min after our start time, so we can set our collective intention. 


Photo by Adam Griff

Mmmwhah!'s core practice is one of deep listening, being fully present in the moment, within an ensemble context. It is a relational practice. Our home ground is as Active Listener / Witness / Well-wisher, who is attuned to "What will serve?"


"What will serve the music? the movement? the art-making? Ultimately, what will serve the larger composition? and the whole room?"



Every Wednesday:  Art & Activism | 9:30am @ Silver Sage Cohousing, 1650 Yellow Pine, Boulder

Art and Activism go together like Coffee and Bagels.  Join us each and every week to tend the state of our nation and write postcards and make phone calls.  It's way more fun doing this together! Coffee and bagels, postcards and stamps provided. Facilitated by Sandra Bierman.

Tune in to an ever-expanding schedule...  Sign up for updates and invites below. >>


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