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 Help Transform the Bustop to Affordable Housing & an Art Space

Good news! The Bustop "Gentleman's Club," a strip club for the past 40+ years in North Boulder, is undergoing a transformation to a nearly 3,000-square-foot art space, to be managed by the NoBo Art District, and affordable housing, which we all know this town needs so much   -- perhaps especially artists. (Three cheers?!)


To celebrate and help usher this transition in, we’re planning to hold a big, community pre-demolition event.  


First off, mark your calendar, come celebrate with us, and invite your friends:

Date: Saturday Sept. 29

Time:  approx 5 to 7 pm (time may be extended as programming extends. Stay tuned for details >>)

Location: On site at the Bustop, 4871 Broadway, Boulder


Secondly, we are looking for:

  • Dancers of every size, shape, age…

  • Photographers

  • People willing to be photographed for a "Construction Fence Art Project" and other possible exhibits of this historic occasion

  • Visual artists

  • Musicians

  • Logistical planning and on-the-ground help


See details and point people to contact for each of these below.

This will be a free community event with music, dance, art-making and photography to launch a "Construction Fence Art Project." The construction fence will likely be up for 18 months, and we’d like everyone in the community to see how this place is being transformed. The event will include:


  1. Fun, shake-your-booty, free dancing in the streets kind of dance, and

  2. Performance:

  • "Transformation" and "dance for every Body,"* working titles for pieces being developed by the Mmmwhah! Ensemble for this occasion.  (With a hats off to the fabulous "Dance is for Every Body" event at the Boulder library.)

  • dance prayer and ecstatic dance

  • conscious burlesque, hip hop, hula, African, belly dancing...We have quite a range!

  • See list of partners to the right.  Sorry, we're all full up and can't fit more performance in to this event now. 


How you can help:  

Mmmwhah! is looking for dancers of all ages, sizes, genders, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, etc to be a part of the second piece being created by Mmmwhah! 


Contact Merlyn Holmes, Founder of Mmmwhah! and recently retired NoBo Art District Board Member,


Live Music: By Mmmwhah! Ensemble members Bill McCrossen, Brian Mullins, Dexter Payne, and James Hoskins. African and Taiko drummers are coming as well. Players of the Sitar and Ngoni, pan drum and didgeridoo.   We're all full up for this event now.  Pre-recorded music will also be part of some of the performances:  Hip Hop and Hula, Middle Eastern, and Pop... 

Photography: To launch the "Construction Fence Art Project" with a theme of "Portraits of NoBo." We will be shooting portraits and event pictures of artists and neighbors along the lines of John Mireles' "Neighbors" project. 

  1. Come be photographed.  Artists and creatives, feel free to bring props or clothing, etc. suggestive of what you do. 

  2. Photographers are also invited to document this historic event and shoot photos and videos for the website, social media and possible future exhibits.

Can you help? Contact Karen Dombrowski-Sobel, NoBo Board Member, 


Painting and Wheat-pasting: Wouldn't it be great to tack huge canvases to the walls and paint murals on them or to erect large wheat-pasting boards, and create art that can be used on the construction fence or elsewhere around NoBo? 

Can you help?


General logistics:  arranging food trucks, helping to get supplies, posting flyers/extending the invite, etc. 

  • We could really use a point person or team for this.  Is that you?

  • Or, be a general helper?

Can you help?  Email Merlyn at


In-the News_Bustop-Mmmwhah-horiz.jpg

Members of the Mmmwhah! Ensemble on site at the Bustop rehearsing on Sept. 26.

Full troupe below - clockwise from left: Sindhu Hung, Merlyn Holmes (founder), Bill McCrossen, Amy Biondo, Dexter Payner, David Silver, Brian Mullins, Darlene Lorain, James Hoskins.

  Photos this page by Merlyn Holmes, Adam Griff, and Alexis Halkovic.


 Wow.  Gratitude to you all.

Now that was a community collaboration!  September 29th rolled around and a couple hundred people rolled in and began that transformation of the Bustop with live music, movement, mindfulness, and art-making.  Thank you!

    The photos are coming in, like this one by Lauren Click of the Mmmwhah! Ensemble performance "Transformation." See the growing photo gallery >>

byLauren_Click_Bus Stop closing event 9.

Performances & Dancing in the Street 

We're mixing it up with performances interspersed with free dancing in the streets. 'Time to celebrate!

4:30 pm

Boulder Drum Circle - free dance

Front Range Djembe Orchestra - free dance

Tribal Misfits (bellydance) #1

Hand pan, Didgeridoo, Hand drums Trio - Prasad Katz - free dance

Hula School of the Western Mountains

Music Meditation: Chuck White & Bill McCrossen on Sitar & Ngoni - free dance

5:30 pm:

Gathering, Intro, Thank yous 

Mmmwhah! Ensemble:

- Invocation / Poem / Dance

- "Transformation"

Tribe Nawaar (belly dance)

Mmmwhah! Ensemble & friends

- Being Seen/ Seeing / Holding the space for each other

- dance for every Body + free dance jam

Hip Hop - Eric Rodgers - free dance

Tribal Misfits #2 & 3

Venus Rising, ecstatic dance led by J Hastain

Open Drumming & dance jam - free dance

7:10 pm

Conscious Burlesque + Fire dancer

Team Wyldelife Fire dancers

To stay in the loop on this as plans unfold and to receive direct invites to Mmmwhah’s music, movement, mindfulness, and art-making events, sign on here >>.

A Community Collaboration 

This event is a collaboration between

  • Mmmwhah! Music, Movement, Mindfulness – whoa! and – Art

  • NoBo Art District

  • Thistle Housing

  • Allison Management

  • Rubicon Development

  • Boulder Art Therapy Collective

  • Conscious Burlesque

  • BAHRI, research unit in CU’s Department of Geography

  • City of Boulder

  • Partners in Social Justice

  • CU dancers

  • Front Range Djembe Orchestra

  • Boulder Drum Circle

  • Bohemia (art)

  • Venus Rising (ecstatic dance)

  • Tribal Misfits (Taiko drums and belly dance)

  • Tribe Nawaar (belly dance)

  • Hula School of the Western Mountains | Halau hula o na mauna komohaba

  • Psychopomp (masks)

  • Atlas Flooring

  • Tetris Art Collective

  • Flatirons Political Art

  • Team Wyldelife (fire dancers)

  • Sweet Cow Ice Cream (bringing MooMobile!)

  • Chole Cocina (taco stand)

  • City of Boulder Police

  • Boulder County Arts Alliance

  • and ______________  Can you help?  Here’s an open invitation to others who would like to be invested in the transformation of this site. Contact Merlyn

BCAA color logo 6_11.jpg
Mmmwhah ensemble pic bw2_low res.jpg
See our At a Glance Schedule for our full calendar of offerings
Tune in to an ever-expanding schedule...  Sign up for updates and invites below. >>


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