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Photography is an integral part of the art-making at Mmmwhah! events.

We invite you to take photos / videos so long as…

■ You can do so while staying in the flow / not getting caught up in the head.

■ You hold the respectful intentions stated in our release form below.

■ Please share the good ones with us!

Mmmwhah! Photo / Video Release Form

I grant associates of Mmmwhah! the right to take photographs and videos of me in connection with

Mmmwhah! events. I agree Mmmwhah! may use such photographs in print or electronic form for any

lawful purpose, including for example web and social media content, promotions and news releases. They

agree to only release images that are respectful of me.

As a potential photographer/videographer of Mmmwhah! events, I also agree to aim to take photos or

videos that are respectful of all participants, to delete any that are disrespectful, and to share the good

photos or videos with Mmmwhah! I may retain copyright but give permission to Mmmwhah! to use them.

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