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  • One-on-ones: Cultivating Your Creativity with Merlyn & Creativity Alive
    One-on-ones: Cultivating Your Creativity with Merlyn & Creativity Alive
    Times TBD in consultation with you
    In person or online | Boulder, CO
    Times TBD in consultation with you
    In person or online | Boulder, CO
    For kindred spirits and creatives who wish to find their way back into, or more deeply into, their creative flow as a way of navigating these crazy times. Based on Merlyn's Creative Living Embodied Arts Training program (CLEAT). Inquire through "RSVP" or "Register Now" link below.

Creative Living Embodied Arts Training (CLEAT)

Giving you creative traction where you need it most. 


CLEAT is an individually-tailored training to give you creative traction where you need it most, in your personal and professional lives. 

what: typically starting with at least 5 sessions, once or twice per week.

where: in-person Boulder, Colorado as social distancing allows or online via Zoom


  • For creatives from all walks of life who want to up their game and fall more deeply in love with life and bringing their art into the world 

  • For the artists in all of us who wish to courageously journey through this COVID-19 pandemic and period of great social, political, economic, environmental, and relational challenges, with an intention of finding the way to live their lives to the fullest through it all.

  • Facilitated by Merlyn Holmes, founder of Mmmwhah! and Creativity Alive


  • individual sessions $125/hour

  • small group sessions $80/person

  • Due to the harsh economic impact of this pandemic, sliding scale and trade may be considered, but please know that my income has been severely reduced as well.

learn more: 

  • Contact Merlyn with questions and a pre-interview to see if this is a good match for you.  


The First Step: Inquiry

A unique embodied multidisciplinary creative conversation with each participant to determine what modalities and approaches will serve them the very best. This is an essential step for making this a more personalized coaching than many trainings. 

The Final Step: Application

Again working with each individual to find the ways that they can carry their creative life further and deeper into the world.

In Between

A few of the embodied modalities we may draw from in between the first and final steps include Contemplative Movement, Authentic Movement, 5Rhythms, Laban vocabularies, Ki Aikido, Feldenkrais, a number of mindfulness practices, plus Sacred Body/Sacred Sound and Body Song which Merlyn has been developing with others in Mmmwhah!


Many of these are movement or vocal based yet have very interesting extensions to music, art, poetry, and other creative pursuits.

Let's fill this town, and our lives, with Music, Movement, Mindfulness -- whoa! and -- Art:  Mmmwhah! 


About Merlyn Holmes

Merlyn Holmes is the Founder of Mmmwhah! Music, Movement, Mindfulness -- whoa! and -- Art and Creativity Alive.  She is a lifelong writer, dancer, poet, community organizer, advocate for the arts, and creator of eco-systems.

    Since Mmmwhah's inception in 2016, she has hosted more than 150 creativity-inspiring events and worked with hundreds of individual artists, musicians, dancers, poets, and creatives of all kinds at all stages of their personal and professional development. 

   Her focus is on Inspiring the Muses within us. She looks forward to working with individuals and small groups through CLEAT to really hone their creative edges and give them even more creative traction.

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What Others Say:

"The Creative Living Embodied Arts Training Program (CLEAT) was a deep and intimate practice in getting in touch with creative spirit. As a performing musician I learned to better focus my attention to align with spirit and gain confidence in my own ability to channel creative energy. I became more comfortable with being witnessed, which will raise the level and quality of my music when I am in front of an audience. This will also help me to be confident in one of my other creative roles as a facilitator of a community conscious dance practice. I also enjoyed the opportunity to explore other creative realms that are not my usual outlets. The sense of confidence, clarity, and self awareness that I gained will help me in all facets of my life." 

-- James Marienthal

"The CLEAT program with “Creativity Alive” under the skillful and artistic direction of Merlyn Holmes was invaluable to me in feeling more confident and inspired to perform as well as help others in the creative process in my work in the arts with seniors and others.
I was able to carry out a vision I had of performing a piece painting, dancing and using the spoken word. The piece came from art I created in one of the sessions called “ I Started with the Color Blue.” I danced as I painted a large painting, using the spoken word while a musician played the flute. I learned that performing that piece for a small audience brought out a certain strength that otherwise would not have come out.
It was very intimate and empowering to be witnessed by others in sessions and to witness. I was very touched and felt really seen by the flute maker who created a song for me after watching me dance.
In the CLEAT sessions I learned the value of structure with freedom to improvise within. I experienced profoundly meaningful work as well as the value of adult play.
The sessions helped me get even more in touch with my own creative spirit as well as seeing it in others and this will be of help in my own personal as well as professional life."

-- Kathryn Aronson

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