Mmmwhah! Gatherings "Jams" in Lafayette, 2018

Join us every Second Sunday for a Mmmwhah! Gathering at Chuck Ceraso's Gallery & Studio in Lafayette.  Gather with our fellow artists, musicians, dancers, writers, photographers, and other creative spirits to inspire and nourish the muses in all of us.  Join in the free movement and art-making to live music, or just listen / observe / take it all in as nourishment.  See details about the next one >>

Photos by Adam Griff, Alexis Halkovic, and Merlyn Holmes

"There is nothing quite like taking a walk around your neighborhood, stepping into a garage that has been converted into a painter's studio with walls covered with colorful canvases and being led into an open movement score where anything can happen. The local Mmwah events in Lafayette are even more special because they are so close to home." 

     "Mmmwhah Gatherings are fun events to explore and express your artistic side. Having Mmmwhah in a house in a residential neighborhood cracks open the idea that magic is happening all around us all the time." 

Alexis Halkovic, PhD, dancer

"Mmmwhah! brings out the best in us all, for what can be better than having our true selves be part of the whole?  With music, movement, painting, voice, we inspire each other."

Michael Stamwood, musician, photographer

"As a visual artist I have found the Mmmwhah Gatherings to be inspiring, challenging and energizing environments to paint. I love painting people in action and movement and being in the moment with the musicians and dancers has led me in a new creative direction.  Thanks Mer!"

Lisa Michot, Lafayette, CO artist and Part-Time Art Faculty at Front Range Community College

"Mmmwhah! gatherings offer such deep delight on so many levels at the same time - surprising sound meeting spontaneous movement and splashes of color & form. A magical synergy arises that inspires & feeds the soul in new and wondrous ways every session."

David Silver, MD, musician, dancer

"An out of the box, inspiring, edgy, fun, creative way to connect with others through movement, music and art. Filled with surprises and great music." 

Darlene Lorraine, early childhood educator and dancer

"It's not just about you dancing to the music. It's also about the music dancing to you. 

Mer, what a lovely atmosphere you have created, so warm and welcoming to everyone. I felt so blessed to be able to join in. Thanks for including me."

Emily Takahashi, jazz composer & pianist

"I enjoy getting together with other musicians, dancers and singers to experiment in the creative process. These gatherings give the opportunity to listen to others, which inspires new ideas. It is also quite magical to feel the support of others as we explore sound and movement together. As we practice... together, we can grow in our confidence to share our experience in the communities in which we live."

Mary Rose,  Comfort Touch healer, musician, dancer, artist

"Rare opportunity for adults in Lafayette to create and experience improvisational movement, music, visual arts all at once in a mindful, safe, and supportive environment. 

      [The Second Sunday Mmmwhah! Gatherings are] "A unique-to-Lafayette participatory workshop to meet new people from other backgrounds and interact creatively and with authenticity: rare for adults to have this opportunity."

anonymous participant

Mmmwhah is a fun event to explore and express your artistic side. Having Mmmwhah in a house in a residential neighborhood cracks open the idea that magic is happening all around us all the time.

Adam Griff, PhD, dancer

"What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon -- making great improvisational music - art - and movement/dance.  Made some great connections too."     --  Bill McCrossen, jazz bassist

"I love the way you bring community into community!  Blessings for all that you do."


​Claire Bakewell

"Mmmwhah Gatherings are an intense practice of awakening together. When we drop the social language, we open to new channels for connection.  All the senses and subtle awareness become available for creating a new composition -- as if we have dropped our personality and tapped into the essential field.

“The presence of musicians weaves the textures of the field. It that way, we are held and respond to each other's own individual experience, and move as one." 

Sindhu Hung, dancer

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