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The Mmmwhah! Ensembles

The Mmmwhah! ensembles are an organic outgrowth of Mmmwhah! public events, where individuals decide to come together as a group on a regular basis to deepen into our core practice.

First one coalesced and now a second "incubator" has formed.  They have taken the preliminary names of "Emergence" and "Open Circle," with no rush to codify too soon.


We find ourselves asking: "What would the world be like if everyone could come together in these ways to learn anew how to create together?"  And how can we best share these practices in "performance" and "Mmmwhah! experiences"?  So stay tuned...

Emergence: A Mmmwhah! Ensemble Experience


      core practice

                       is one of deep listening,

                   being fully present in the moment,

                 within an ensemble context.   

             We use improvisation as a relational practice           across the mediums of music, movement, and          art-making.


    Our home ground is as Active Listener /  Witness  / 

  Well-wisher, who is attuned to "What will serve?"

"What will serve the music?  the movement?  the art-making? 

Ultimately, what will serve the larger composition?

    and the whole room?"

Our active participation in each composition stems from "What is needed?" and "What is being called forth?" 

 Silence / Stillness / White Space are our home.

   We encourage you to listen for the silences, witness         the stillness, and feel the white spaces between                 things as well.

           We aim to:​

1. Expand our awareness from "I" to "we" when we enter into practice together

    2. Let inspiration rise in each of us       

       from beyond "me," from tuning in to                 whatever source gives rise to the                          breath in our lungs.

And some really    

      beautiful things


Emergence_byDavidSilver_1050271 swirly s

Photo by David Silver

When:  April 3, 6-8 pm

Where:  Healing Spirits Living Arts

3825 Iris, Ste 310, Boulder

Tickets: Early-bird special $10


At winter’s end – spring!

Everything unfolds.

We are here!

Please join us for

2020 Vision: A Preview | By a new Mmmwhah! Ensemble in formation

May 24, 12:30 | Dairy Arts Center, Boulder

A second Mmmwhah! Ensemble-in-formation will explore what it is to have "new eyes" and what our 2020 Vision initiative might look like and sound like in a performance space, as part of Katie Elliott's "Open Space." Come support this inquiry.  |  7 minutes between 12:30 & 1 pm | Free.

    This multi-modality ensemble is comprised of musicians, dancers, and artists Kathryn Aronson, Chuck Ceraso, Khiri Lee, Judi Strahota, Michael Travers, Roy Willey, and founder Merlyn Holmes. Also Marta Aarli, James Marienthal, and Joy Schultz, who will not be present for this performance.


Witness     a spontaneous performance by Emergence: A Mmmwhah! Ensemble

Celebrate  together - an opportunity to participate in a “Cross-pollination” score (optional)

Bring           an object, a poem, a sketch pad…? to represent what is emerging – in You!

Who is  Emergence: a Mmmwhah! Ensemble?

    a 9-person collaboration of musicians, dancers and artists

          a thirst for tuning in, listening, witnessing, awaiting what may call

               a discovery of a unique chemistry that gives birth to spontaneous

                      compositions, often riveting, poignant or hilarious, and full of surprises.

Clockwise from upper left: 

Sindhu Hung

Merlyn Holmes, Founding Creative Spirit  

Bill McCrossen

Amy Biondo

Dexter Payne

David Silver

Brian Mullins

Darlene Lorrain

James Hoskins

The ensemble's instruments range from the kora, ngoni, guembri, ocean harp, gadulka, Tibetan gong, meditation bowls to cello, clarinet, bass, a wide range of percussion, and more.       


This performance is funded, in part, by the City of Boulder.  We are proud to be part of Boulder Arts Week.


Past Performances, Workshops & Events by Emergence

(formerly known as the Mmmwhah! Ensemble)

Mmmwhah! Ensemble 2018

Mmmwhah! Ensemble 2018

Play Video

At the heart of Mmmwhah! is the Mmmwhah! Ensemble, a dedicated 9-person improvising collective of musicians, dancers and artists, all committed to deep listening and attunement. They have discovered a unique chemistry that gives birth to spontaneous compositions, often riveting, poignant or hilarious. They share those moments in performances and workshops, as well as participating in other Mmmwhah! events. 

The Mmmwhah! Ensemble was an organic outgrowth of Mmmwhah! public events and has presented at:

  • Flagstaff Amphitheater

  • Boulder Public Library

  • Dairy Arts Center (with Katie Elliott’s “Open Space”)

  • traveling house concert in a South Boulder neighborhood, and 

  • BCSIS, a K-8 school assembly. 

They also recently spearheaded a multi-faceted event around the transformation of the Bustop Gentleman’s Club to a new community art space and affordable housing

"Mmmwhah! in 15 minutes"

Sunday, November 4, approx 1-1:30 pm

Mmmwhah! Ensemble at

"Dance is for Every Body"

Canyon Gallery, Boulder Public Library

1001 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder

The Mmmwhah! Ensemble has emerged in 2018 as a 

natural outgrowth of Mmmwhah! events. It is a 9-person ensemble of musicians, movers, and artists who get together to deepen into collaborative improvisational practices on a weekly basis. This was our 4th performance of the year.  

We were joined by guest artist Lisa Michot, a frequent participant in Mmmwhah! events.

Ensemble members, clockwise from left: James Hoskins, Dexter Payne, Sindhu Hung, Founding Creative Spirit: Merlyn Holmes, Darlene Lorrain, David Silver, Brian Mullins and Bill McCrossen.  Musicial instruments range from the kora, ngoni, erhu, guembri, ocean harp, Tibetan gong, meditation bowls to cello, clarinet, percussion, and more.




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