2020 Vision: New Eyes, New World

2020 Vision Initiative has been underway in the schools since Fall 2019 with > 250 students and dozens of community artists.  Cool new eyes are emerging... 

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Note from the founder on Coronavirus and this new world -- May 31, 2020

My heart goes out to all you kindred spirits, and our nation and the world, as we struggle with the multiple crises we find ourselves in, across the realms of health as well now as economic, social, political, environmental, inter-personal and intra-personal relations.  This is, indeed, a time of deep challenge.

    After initial attempts to move our in-person events designed to "Inspire Creativity and Build Community" online, I feel a deep call to stop trying to fit round pegs into square holes.  I need to step back, even further, to re-source and re-envision what truly and organically will serve in these times.

    Please know this will take time due to the nature of what we as a community arts organization do focused on embodied, relational practices.

   I also know that I need to be very present and attuned as Mom to my 13-year-old son this summer and into the beginning of whatever form of "school" may be best to resume in the fall, to tend my most immediate needs.

    I realize more than ever, this is a time for us to both deepen into aloneness and develop our innermost connection to source as well as to come together and be creative in finding ways to maintain a safe social distance, while developing new ways of Inspiring Creativity and Building Community. And it's a time to tend our hearts, to find the ways we can truly grieve without being overwhelmed and truly increase our capacity for joy.

     "Creativity is intelligence having fun." Let's figure this out!

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With love and deep concern,

Merlyn Holmes,

Founder and Vision Keeper of Creativity Alive

A new website will be coming once we figure out what we can offer of true value during this pandemic: CreativityAlive.org. 

Please bear with us with this old one for a while.

In the News,

from before

this pandemic

See a perfectly Mmmwhahsome street

mural in Boulder's Melody Catalpa neighborhood! 

Bike or walk by 16th x Kalmia to see for yourself.

  • Channel 8 TV "Inside Boulder News: "Paint the Pavement"

  • Daily Camera: "Melody Catalpa Mural Builds Community"

  • KGNU Radio: “Neighborhood Creates Street Mural as Functional Art” 

Transformation of the Bustop:


"...I am impressed by Merlyn and the Mmmwhah team not only for the quality of their events but also for the diversity of participants. The event I attended in person had an audience that reflected diversity of age and race beyond many Boulder events. The organic nature of the connection between participants was a tangible fulfillment of the goals of our grant program. Mmmwhah is clearly filling a need for people of all kinds to share space in artistic expression and mindfulness."

Brenda Ritenour
Neighborhood Liaison

Our Mission

To inspire creativity and build community.

Creativity Alive / Mmmwhah! is an interdisciplinary arts organization that provides largely improvisation-based experiences, classes, workshops, and performances integrating movement, music, and art to inspire creativity and build community.

      We teach and practice mindfulness and authentic expression through deep listening, seeing, sensing, and tuning in to each other in each moment to create collaborative compositions together.

     We expand, deepen, and strengthen our capacity to stay in the creative flow -- individually and collectively -- so we can live, breathe, sing, and dance the transformation that the world needs.

WHY Mmmwhah?

  • To inspire the muses.  In all of us.  |  To keep our creative flows open.

  • To nourish ourselves.  |  And our muses.

  • To create a tighter weave at the grassroots level:  friends, neighbors, community.  |  Kindred spirits.

  • So we can rise to and sustain the level of engagement being called for in these times.

                                 |   And live our lives to the fullest.

Let's fill this place, and our lives, with Music, Movement,

Mindfulness -- whoa! and -- Art:   



Creativity   |   Mindfulness    |   Celebration


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"The Planting" by Sandra Bierman

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"By Merlyn Holmes

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